Keystone Consultancy, specialist in fundraising and communication

We provide consultancy services to fundraising organizations with the aim of optimizing the results of database-driven and donor-focused fundraising campaigns. We can help with advice, strategic planning, data analysis, account management and creative and media services.

Our method: multichannel fundraising and donor communications(direct mail, telemarketing, face- to-face/door-to-door, direct response television/radio, digital fundraising and legacy acquisition).

Our working method is based on the optimum integration of fundraising and communications channels and continuous acquisition and retention efforts.
We combine this with continuous data analyses to measure performance. Using this empirical method, we have been able to help our clients raise millions of euros in funds over the past years, both at home and abroad.

We serve a wide range of charity organizations in areas such as healthcare, development aid, environmental protection, animal protection, education and research, sports and recreation and social improvement.

Keystone Consultancy is active in all countries where database-driven fundraising can be implemented.